What’s growing on the patio?

Check out what’s growing in the garden. All plants on the patio are of course container grown.

Plus a few growing tips…



A cucumber sprout. Only 1cm long, the spikes will smooth out as the fruit extends, becoming the seeds.


Cucumbers need to climb, preventing the fruit from growing on the wet ground and rotting.

Using a plastic container I inserted a simple trellis, made using bamboo canes and heavy duty wire. I packed in the soil around it as tightly as possible to hold the trellis in place, and then transplanted the seedling. Requiring very little guidance, the thin curly reaching vines attach themselves to the trellis and grow upward by winding themselves around the bamboo.

Tip- Remove any yellowing leaves with a clean cut at the base, so that the plant nutrients can concentrate on producing juicy fruit rather than curing diseased leaves. 


Zucchini (AKA Courgette)

IMG_5725.JPGThis plant grows so easily, and so fast that every gardener should have one growing in their garden. Each plant produces around three zucchinis a week.

Tip-Remember to cut the tube like stems (at the base with a sharp clean cut) of yellowing leaves to concentrate healthy growth. 

Tip- Keep soil well watered to avoid mildew growing on the leaves. If mildew does develop, cut most effected leaves at the base of the leaf stem, and spray the rest with a baking soda and water solution. 

Sweet Pepper 


This plant has grown quite slowly due to the fact that although warm, we have had quite a cool summer.

Tip- Pepper plants love warmth. To encourage growth, bring your pepper plant inside on days when the temperature drops. 

Tip- When you are ready to plant the seedling in a large container/ pot, make a hole in the soil adding a sprinkle of fertiliser, and a matchstick or two. The plant benefits from the sulphur of the matchstick head. 



Broccoli is an awesome plant for new gardeners to try to grow. It thrived during the cold spells we had this summer, however it also tolerated the heat (but had to be well watered). It can pretty much be left alone and will just grow. Because my patio is on the top floor of a building, we do not have any protection from the wind which can get quite strong. I was shocked at how resistant my broccoli was, despite being thrashed around quite violently during several wind storms.



Eggplant AKA Aubergine




My tomato plants are my favourite greens to grow in my garden. They are delicate but also strong

Herb garden



Mint grows like a weed. It is very resistant and will spread throughout the garden like wild fire. “Ground” gardeners will often suggest containing the plant so it does not take over the garden which is why mint is the ideal container plant.




My Basil exploded! Given a good amount of sun and water, it is astounding how fast this fragrant herb will grow. Since Italian dishes are a staple food in my household, I have managed to save quite a bit of money now that I do not have to purchase this herb at the supermarket.

Tip- Basil is a fussy plant that requires constant attention. You must water it regularly (make sure it has good drainage), to avoid the leaves turning yellow or turning inward.


Flat leaf Parsley 



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